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  1. GMDSS Deficiencies- What a PSC  officer will check (New Feb 2021)
  2. Double Banking Operation (Jan 2021)
  3. Navigation in Narrow Channels
  4. Where ships are more likely to collide?
  5. Why ships collide?    
  6.  The significance of vigilance during anchorage at sea


  1. Cargo Liquefaction & Can Test         
  2. Lashing and Securing of Coils & Other Steel Cargoes
  3. Preparation of cargo holds for grain loading at Australia 


  1. Ballast Water Treatment: IMO & USA Requirements 

 Ship Maintenance

  1. Fighting coating failures      
  2. Hatch cover damages
  3. Operation and maintenance of rescue boat outboard motors
  4. Mooring bitts (double bollards) Failures

 Health & Safety

  1. Hydrogen sulphide exposure- The silent killer          
  2. Incorrect Warnings


  1. How USCG will inspect ships' cybersecurity 
  2. Why ship cybersecurity is so important?       


  1. Emergency Helicopter Operations     
  2. Groundings  in Latin America Rivers
  3. Contingency Planning in Fire Incidents

 Ship Management

  1. The International Safety Management (ISM) Code For the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention
  2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Shipping

Human Element in Shipping

  1. The Basics of Human Resources Management
  2. Which are the main issues before you hire an employee in a shipping company (or a seafarer)?

Review on Maritime Regulations

  1. IMO what it is, how it works, how member states participate
  2. Port State Control: Origin, Strengths & Failures (Feb 2021)