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#mctmpKarahalios, H. (n.d.). A Risk Assessment of Ships Groundings in Rivers: The Case of Parana River. Journal of Navigation, 1-13. doi:10.1017/S0373463319000936


Karahalios, H. (2019). Risk Analysis of Ship Operations: Research and Case Studies of Shipboard Accidents. Pelorus 


"Ship operations are an exciting business where seafarers execute several activities such as navigation, mooring, bunkering, and cargo handling. However, in the aftermath of notable maritime disasters, world states decided that ship operations should be subject to international regulations.


Nowadays international rules cover a plethora of safety, environmental and occupational shipboard hazards. Consequently, a ship operator should ensure compliance with international and local maritime regulations in order to avoid penalties from authorities and commercial damages. Recent findings show that human error is a primary root cause of accidents.


Modern literature explains how rational practices regarding recruitment, training, development of seafarers and other maritime professionals could mitigate shipboard hazards. In this book, existing bibliography, accident analysis and research findings are discussed with practical applications in ship operations. The author aims to present how current knowledge could contribute to accident prevention."


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