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1. Category Ship Navigation 

Should use T&P NTM to update ECDIS?

2. Category PSC

If my ship has ballast water treatment can I do ballast water exchange? 



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The decision quality of managers depends upon their level of expertise. One of the most common criteria in determining the expertise of an individual is the years of his/her working experience in a field. However, a variety of studies have shown that increasing experience is not always associated with better judgements. On contrary, there is a list of criteria for determining an expert and consequently a good manager.

  1. Experts are usually determined based on the length of their experience and reputation
  2. Experience should be in the same working environment.
  3. Proof of knowledge, education, qualifications, and training such as transcripts, diplomas, or certificates of achievement.
  4. The degree of expertise is not significantly correlated with age, level of certification.
  5. An individual in order to be qualified as an expert should be consensus with other experts. The experts in a given field should agree with each other.
  6. Only people who are able to differentiate between similar, but not identical, cases and repeat their judgement with consistency qualify as ‘experts’.